Ramp and Bathroom adaptation in Southwick

Ramp and Bathroom adaptation in Southwick

Grant funded works:

  • Ramp to create wheelchair access to property
  • Ground floor bathroom adaptation to provide accessible washing facilities and toilet
  • Widening internal doorways and partition alterations to improve the internal layout and provide a ground floor bedroom.

Private works:

The family wished to pursue additional works beyond the scope of the Disabled facilities grant, to have a rear extension built.  We were asked to assist with and prepare the plans for planning and building regulation submission.

Any works done by others?

  • Ceiling track hoists
  • Bath installation

What did Amber do?:

The first step was to visit the property and carry out a measured survey; this allowed us to produce the existing plans of the building.

The next step was to design the proposed work and produce contract documentation (Plans and Specification).  This involved taking into account all works required, the existing condition and stability of the building, any strengthening works needed and quotes needing to be obtained for specialist equipment.

All documents were sent to the council and the client for their approval.  Once everyone was happy with the proposal, the works were sent to three contractors to price.

Because of the nature of the extension works, planning approval had to be sought.  A planning application was submitted and after liaising with the planning officer and making a few amendments to the plans, planning approval was obtained.

Following receipt of all the tenders, a spreadsheet was compiled to show the contractors price breakdown of each item in the specification and a report was written to explain the prices received.  This was sent to the council and client for their approval.

Within 3 weeks of sending the report, the council approved the funding for the project and the contractor was instructed to start works.

The works progressed on site and an interim valuation was carried out every 4 weeks to assess the works carried out to that date.  Once the works were been completed, a final account was raised and the work was signed off.